Breaking Sports app is not only great for fantasy sports players but it is also great for general sport fans, and team fanatics. There are some differences in how you would set your filters for different perspectives so here are some of our suggestions.

For Team Fans

If you are a fan of a particular team or two, we would suggest you obviously subscribe to that team(s). When you subscribe to the team you will receive notifications for not only all the team news in accordance with your filter settings but also for any significant events (injuries, suspensions, lineup and roster) for each of the players on the team. You would likely want to have the score updates as well so we would suggest that you turn on scores in the filters. You also might want to turn on the rumours filter because team fans often want to know about the rumours surrounding potential trades. Finally, we would also suggest either following the games (you do this by going to scores and tapping on the follow button bellow the game) or turning on the stats in the filters section. Play around with the filters until you get the right amount of notifications – remember you can always tap on the Settings in the top left corner of the app and make the notifications silent so that you still get push notifications that vibrate but they don’t disturb your day. If you want to see all the news regarding your team, regardless of your filter settings, just go to your subscriptions and tap on your team where you will see unfiltered news.

For Fantasy Players

If you are a weekly fantasy player you will want to follow all of the players on your roster as well as the teams that they play on with at least the important filters turned on. By following teams with your players you will receive notifications for injuries and other significant events to other players on the team, which might affect your decisions regarding your lineup. For daily fantasy players we suggest following all the teams in the league so that you are aware of any significant changes to the lineups and then choosing the backup players when starting lineup players are not available – this is a great strategy for picking up players with low cost and high FP/$ ratio which gives you more fantasy dollars to spend on super stars in your lineup. One of the advantages of the notification system in Breaking Sports is that you will receive breaking news on lineup changes and injuries which could happen even a few minutes prior to the cut-off time. For FanDuel the cut-off time for all of the games is usually set to half an hour before first game start – on DraftKings you can do what are called late swaps so you practically have an opportunity for changing your lineup even up until few seconds before the start of the game. Typically you will also want to follow the games (this gives you significant statistical events) that have most of your players involved so that you know when someone is doing well during the game.



"I do play-by-play and host 80 games a year on national television. Whether I'm prepping for a huge NBA,NCAA basketball game or NCAA football game, I keep an eye on Breaking Sports. It gives me timely news & scores at 100 mph. It's a go-to move for hard core sports fans."

Mark Jones

"In the sports broadcasting world up to the minute, accurate information that I can access quickly is crucial. So whether I'm doing a pre and post game show, trade deadline day or calling a game on the radio I need to know the latest happenings. That's why I use the Breaking Sports App. It gives me updates on trades, injuries, scores and more the moment they happen from trusted sources and I can customize the information I want for my interests. Great job! Great app!"

Sherman Hamilton
Raptors broadcaster and radio analyst

"It's essential to be prepared and up to date in the sports world. Whether I'm hosting a pregame or postgame show on national tv, broadcasting a game or co-hosting a radio show, the breaking sports app is an integral part of my preparation. It not only provides background information, it gives immediate updates with new and valuable up to the second information."

Paul Jones
Raptors Radio - Play by Play
Sportsnet 590 - The FAN & TSN 1050
NBA-TV Canada - Host / Analyst / Reporter Columnist